The European Parliament must vote on the inclusion of nuclear and gas in the European green taxonomy, which is supposed to promote the energy transition. Ahead of this vote, a group of association leaders calls, in an article for “Le Monde”, on European parliamentarians to reject this inclusion, which would be “a gold mine” for Vladimir Putin’s regime.

The European taxonomy. Behind this name, which has enough aridity to arouse a vague disinterest, hides a crucial tool for our future, at the heart of a real saga whose denouement is scheduled for July 6 in Strasbourg during a vote that will be held against the backdrop of the current atrocities of the war in Ukraine.

Originally, the European taxonomy is a tool that aims to accelerate the energy transition by validating a list of activities deemed suitable to address the climate emergency while protecting the environment and the population. It constitutes a sort of catalog for private financiers who wish to invest their money in the service of the general interest. But this tool, which is currently virtuous and necessary for the energy transition, is in the process of being misused.

Taxonomy could, among other things, increase the European Union’s (EU) energy dependence on Russia and bring in billions for Vladimir Putin’s regime. The first intense discussions at the European level on taxonomy finally bore fruit on December 9, 2021 with the publication of a list of labeled activities.